How to create a grid file based on count from a tab file with points located at various locations using MapInfo Pro Raster

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
In Create Raster dialog if a user enters the cell size manually, the units are same as that of the source vector file. In this case as the source data is in degrees, the units will be in degrees.
Thus if the user wanted to put the units in meters they need to fill it correctly based on the source data used. In this case a user chooses to create a grid of 500 X 500 meters, thus the cell size with the assumption that 1° ≈ 111 km, becomes ≈ 0.004505 degrees.
There are couple of ways by which the customer provided data in TAB file can be converted into raster.

1. Using Create Grid, Stamp method.
Here it is advised that if the user has the values (count column) and the point data, there is no need to convert it into grid form first (using the grid maker), instead directly use the Stamp Gridding method to create the raster.
Since the current data is not in the point form we create the points as follows:
User-added image
Then use these points to Create Raster à using Stamp method as follows:

User-added image

Enter cell size based on graticule.
User-added image

Hit Process.
This generates the MRR file by default:
User-added imageYou can directly generate the BIL file by selecting it from Output File browser option or can also use the Convert tool.

2. Using Rasterize tool.
Since this data already has vector mesh created using grid maker, it is advised to use the Rasterize option. Please make sure the vector mesh created using grid maker has each grid cell having same height and width and then use the Rasterize tool to generate the raster.

User-added image
User-added image
Hit Process (by default MRR file is generated, which can be changed to BIL from Output File browser option).

UPDATED:  October 5, 2017