A functionality comparison between Discover Surfaces (32-bit) and MapInfo Pro Advanced Raster (64-bit)

Products affected: MapInfo Discover 64-bit Bundle™
Attached to this article is a PDF detailing a functionality comparison between the Discover Surfaces capabilities (32-bit)
and the related capabilities of MapInfo Pro Advanced Raster (64-bit)

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A tips and tricks article on achieving equivalent functionality from the retired Surfaces menu in MapInfo Pro Raster is available.

A) In MapInfo Discover 2015.2 64-bit, my MRR raster grid is not listed/recognized by tools such as DRILLHOLES>Project Manage, DISCOVER 3D>Surfaces or Hydrology.
Upgrade to MapInfo Discover 2016 64-bit, which supports the MRR (multi-resolution) raster format (including multi-banded rasters) in the Drillholes, Hydrology and 3D modules.
B) In MapInfo Discover 64-bit, user cannot change the color display of a grid in RASTER (for a grid created in Discover's old Surfaces module)
None of the RASTER>Display options work, such as Color, Color Stretch, or Hill Shade.
When opening a  grid (created with Discover's old Surfaces module) into MapInfo Discover 2015.2, do not open via the TAB file. Instead:
1. Select Open Table
2. Change the Files of type to <Raster Image>, and browse for the source grid file.
3. Press Open.
4. A prompt 'Table definition already exists. Overwrite it?' will be displayed. Accept this by pressing OK.
The user will now be able to apply the RASTER>Display options to this raster grid.
[C] In MapInfo Discover 32-bit, a 'Raster engine was unable to recognize image file format' error is shown when trying to open a grid created or modified by RASTER (in MapInfo Discover 64-bit).
Do not open the raster grid back into MapInfo Discover 32-bit via the TAB file.
Try this Instead:
1. Select File>Open
2. Set the Files of type to <Grid Image>, and browse for the raster grid
3. Press Open
4. A prompt 'Table definition already exists. Overwrite it?' will be displayed.  Accept this by pressing OK.

[D] In MapInfo Pro Raster, what is the equivalent of the Surfaces tool?:
Grid Query > Select by Value (greater than a value)
1. Use RASTER>Operations>Contour

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2. Set Contour Type to <Region>
3. Set Method to <Fixed Intervals>
4. Press the Intervals button, and set both the Minimum and Maximum entries to the desired Value
5. Press OK.
Assign Values from Grid

MapInfo Pro Raster provides this functionality with 3 enhanced tools specific to the vector type under RASTER>Operations:

 - Point Inspect:  User-added image

 - Line Stats:      User-added image

 - Region Stats
     User-added image

UPDATED:  December 4, 2019