How to save region style changes to the table permanently in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
The steps below show how to edit and save the region fill and colour In MapInfo Pro:
  1. Mark the table as editable in the Layer Control
  2. Select all (or the required) regions to modify
  3. Go to Options > Region Style (32-bit version) For the 64-bit version, go to SPATIAL > Style > Region Style
  4. Select the fill and pattern you desire and click OK
  5. Save the table
Please note that for other display settings such as translucency, these are temporary settings applied via a style override and you must save these changes to a workspace using the the following steps:
  1. Double click on the layer in the Layer Control
  2. Adjust the Translucency slider to preferred level
  3. Click OK
The translucency will now be applied to the the workspace but if you want to use this in the future you will need to save it via File > Save Workspace (32-bit) or HOME > Save Workspace (64-bit). The workspace can then be re-opened at a later time as desired.
UPDATED:  October 5, 2017