MapInfo Professional and updating table with start and end coordinates of nodes of line objects

Add four columns of type "float" to the table to hold the coordinate values.
Use Table>Maintenance>Table Structure (Table>Table>Modify Structure) to add the columns to the table.

In this example, name the columns BegX, BegY, EndX, EndY

Then, use Table>Update Column to extract the coordinates.
Fill in the dialog box as follows:

Table to update: line table
Column to update: BegX
Get Value from table: line table
value: objectgeography(obj,1)
User-added image

Next, repeat the same process for the other three columns using the following for the values:
objectgeography(obj,1)     is for updating BegX
objectgeography(obj,2)     is for updating BegY
objectgeography(obj,3)               "            EndX
objectgeography(obj,4)               "            EndY

File>save table (Home>Save Table) to save the changes.
UPDATED:  December 3, 2019