Incorporating Thematic Map shading with MapInfo Table Metadata

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
Normally, a thematic map has to be saved by creating a workspace file (.wor) which will provide instructions allowing MapInfo Pro to recreate a thematic shade when the workspace is opened which will open the individual table and recreate the theme.
This can also be accomplished by saving the theme data to the .TAB file directly. This feature is available for Range and Individual Value Thematic maps only.
To save a theme to a .TAB file, begin by setting up the preference for it. Then choose to add the theme to the metadata for individual .TAB files as they are created.
To set this preference go to:
32-bit MapInfo:
Options>preferences>Map Window>
64-bit MapInfo:
Pro>Options>Map Window>
Select the “Automatically Open Default Theme” check box, to save the theme to the table’s metadata. This check box is cleared by default to ensure backwards compatibility.
Click OK to close the dialog.

To ensure that this behavior occurs on a particular .TAB file:
 Open a mappable table and create a range or individual value thematic for it using the
Map>Create Thematic Map
in 64-bit Pro: Map>Add Theme
In the “Create Thematic Map Step 3 of 3” dialog box, select the check box to “Save Theme As Default View” Click OK.
User-added image 

- If the table being used for creating a theme is read-only, the default theme feature is disabled.
- It will also be unavailable if the table being shaded is being Joined to another table to obtain the data used for the shading.
To remove the default view from the .TAB file, return to the “Create Thematic Map Step 3 of 3” dialog box and select the Remove Default Theme View check box.
 These thematic options also display on the Modify Thematic Map dialog box.
Test by going to File>close all (home>close all) to close all tables and File>open (Home>open) and open the single table that had the default theme.  It should display the thematic without having to recreate it and without having to have created a workspace. 

UPDATED:  December 2, 2019