How to troubleshoot Web Mapping Service issues - MapInfo Professional

Products affected: MapInfo Professional®, MapInfo Pro™
When accessing WMS servers via MapInfo Professional® sometimes you may receive errors. When you receive an error accessing a WMS server then you should check the following things:
  • Can the WMS be accessed via a web browser? To test this run a GetCapabilities request, for example: If this isn't possible then you'll need to contact the provider of the WMS.
  • Does it confirm to the OGC WMS versions supported by your version of MapInfo Pro™ (the OGC WMS version can be found from the GetCapabilities result from the step above)? The OGC WMS versions that are supported by MapInfo Professional® can be found in the MapInfo Professional® Install Guide
  • Ensure traffic to the WMS server can pass through the firewall
  • Increase the timeout values. You can override the default settings by:
  1. Selecting Edit on the server from the WMS server list
  2. Select Override Default Values then increase the values
  • You can also increase the default values by going to Pro > Options > Web Services > WMS (64 bit) or Options > Preferences > Web Services > WMS (32 bit) then increase the timeout values.
UPDATED:  December 5, 2019