Content Author Publish run at Command Line

Publishing from the command line

The command line utility CAPublish is provided with the Content Author distribution material in the Admin folder. It uses the settings from a previously saved publishing task (as created within the Administrator Client) to define the message environment to be published.  Parameters that control the publication process are provided to CAPublish on the command line. Only a single publishing task can be run at a time.

To publish from the command line:
from the appropriate command console, type the syntax in the command line as shown below, replacing the argument descriptions with the required values.

CAPublish under Windows
Purpose: To publish Content Author resources ready for production without loading the Administration Client.
Preparation: CAPublish is run from Content Author‘s client folder from a command prompt. The Content Author repository containing the required production resources must be accessible to the program.
CAPUBLISH /u:username /p:password /JOB:name
/u: username identifies the user name for the repository. This setting is mandatory.
/p: password associated with the user name. This setting is mandatory.
/JOB: name of the publishing settings that was set in the Message Publishing wizard.
UPDATED:  April 18, 2017