Where to find MDLPVN INF parameter on IBMi and how to format the Volume # and Issue # (all platforms) using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™
MDLPVN is a PA INF, so is found using F13 off of the "PA Mailing Piece Attributes"  CHUI screen. 

MailStream Plus™ copies and pastes as-is whatever is in the fields, all 5 and 6 bytes: be the data left-justified, right-justified, or just in the middle of the field, etc.  However it is in the INF fields, that's how it goes into the CPT file.  The mailer needs to format the data on the parameter fields the way he wants it in the CPT file. 

The (current as-of Nov 2018) USPS Mail.dat Tech Specs are located here-

Here are the descriptions of those fields on page numbered 49 of 389:
User-added image

As shown above these are 'alphanumeric' fields, and in the USPS doc it gives a *recommendation* on page numbered 60 of 389 "Alphanumeric = the recommendation is to left-justify these fields, and fill the right with spaces."
UPDATED:  May 17, 2019