How to export a History report in SendPro

Products affected: SendPro™
You can export the following types of History reports to a .csv file:
  • A list of all shipping labels created (Shipments)
  • A list of all the current day's shipping activity (Daily Activity Report)
  • A list of all shipments for which you can void the label (Void a Label)
  • A list of all shipments that were insured (File a Claim)
Follow these steps to export:
  1. View your history:
    • If using SendPro on a web browser:
      • Select History > Shipping & Postage History or select View all next to Track Your Packages on the Home screen
      • Select the type of History report you wish to export from the four available
  2. Select the tab that corresponds to the report type you want to export (Shipments, Postage, or Refunds)
  3. Select the Export icon. Your report exports to a file named transactions.csv to your Downloads folder.
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UPDATED:  August 5, 2020