Setting up shipping label printing defaults in SendPro Online

Products affected: SendPro® Online
You can select the default label size and choose whether to print a receipt with the label.
  1. Select Settings​ > Label Options.
  2. From the Choose Format menu, select the default label type:
  • Plain Paper - 8.5 x 11
  • Roll - 4 x 6
  1. (Optional) To print a receipt with the label, select Print a receipt with the label (available for 8.5 x 11 only).
  2. The settings are saved automatically as soon as you select them. To proceed, click on any other SendPro® option or menu.
Note: There is no printer selection menu on this screen because shipping labels open in PDF format and can be printed using any printer to which your computer can print. If using SendPro in a web browser, the browser's print settings will be used. If using the SendPro app, the print settings of the computer's default PDF viewer will be used.
UPDATED:  August 25, 2020