MapInfo Pro Universal Translator not translating Annotation layer for ESRI FGDB file type

Product Affected: MapInfo Pro™
When using the Universal Translator (UT), the Annotation layer translates as the "bounding box" or Region of a Text object instead of displaying as an actual Text object.

Features such as Text objects in an Annotation layer of an ESRI FGDB file is not fully supported at this time.

Here is the response from SAFE Software regarding FGDB file types at this time (v15.0/15.2 Feb. 2016):
The File Geodatabase reader only fully supports point, line and polygon features. Other features, such as the Annotation in the GDB you provided, are only partially supported, using their basic geometry, in this case polygons.
For more information, please see the reader documentation at:
UPDATED:  December 6, 2019