MapInfo Pro and unable to label or use the info tool on a seamless table

Product Affected: MapInfo Pro™

User running MapInfo Pro, creates a seamless table but the table does not allow labeling.

After opening two tables with identical structures in MapInfo Pro and creating a seamless table using the seamless manager MBX,
the resulting table will not return data with the Info Tool or allow labels to be displayed.

To resolve this issue:

1) Make sure both tables have identical table structure by clicking on > Table > Maintenance > Modify Table Structure and edit as needed.

2) Pack the original tables before running the Seamless Manager via Table > Maintenance > Advance Pack.

3) Add both Tables to a Mapper and select Tools > Seamless Manager > New Seamless Table.

4) Open the newly created seamless table and turn on labels with the auto-label icon. Users should now be able to label successfully, and use the Info Tool..


UPDATED:  August 8, 2019