How to find a description of road classes used in MapInfo Routefinder

Product Feature: General
Product: MapInfo Routefinder
The road classes used in our PB networks can be found in the Routefinder Product Guide coming with the data. The road classes available depend on the data source. This can be easily found out if the data is analysed for the used road class and Area type codes (Road_class and Area_type column).

In MapBasic window use:
Select Road_class, Area_type, Speed from GBR_Links group by Road_class order by Road_class into qry_Road_class

The Road_class Classifications can be found for the 2015 Great Britain data on page 15, f. Here ab Abstract (TomTom data source):

User-added image

The Area_type defines if the road is in rural or urban area (TomTom data source):

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UPDATED:  September 11, 2017