StreetPro and the listing of Hotels in the Landmark table

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Some users wonder why the landmark table in StreetPro only consists of a small subset of Hotels for any given County or State.
The hotels listed in the landmark table are NOT meant to represent a comprehensive list of hotels, but rather consists of a small subset of Hotels considered to be significant or "landmark" hotels (i.e. like the Crowne Plaza or Trump towers in NYC, for example).
The inclusion of hotels to the landmark table is decided by our Data Vendor TomTom.
If you desire a more comprehensive roster of Hotels, we suggest you speak to a Sales rep. about our "Premium Point of Interest" and/or  "Business Points" offerings, both which consist of mappable point tables that can be opened in Pro along with StreetPro data, and provide a more robust offering, compared to StreetPro.. 
UPDATED:  March 31, 2017