Resolve a printing issue in SendPro

Products affected: Connect+ 500W®, Connect+ 1000®, Connect+ 2000®, Connect+ 3000®, SendPro™ P1000, SendPro™ P1500, SendPro™ P2000, SendPro™ P3000, SendPro™
If you experience problems with your QL-1050 or W1110 printer, such as poor print quality, misaligned labels, jams, or flashing LED indicator lights, download the printer operator guide and refer to the troubleshooting section:  

In this example, when printing to the Brother QL-1050 or Datamax W1110 printer, the print is very small. 

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The print may be very small if print size is set to 8.5 x 11 inches. To check and adjust your print size settings:
  1. Select the Settings icon Label Options
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  1. If the Choose Format menu is set to "Plain Paper - 8.5 x 11", then select "Roll - 4 x 6"

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If "Plain Paper - 8.5 x 11" is always selected by default, you can change this to 4 x 6 by adjusting your default settings.
UPDATED:  May 12, 2020