How to get the MapInfo Pro Universal Translator to translate a .KMZ file that opens in Google Earth

MapInfo Professional's Universal Translator may not properly translate a .KMZ file that opens in Google Earth.

Here is a workaround the may allow the file to translate properly.

1. Make a copy of the FileName.kmz.  Rename the FileName.kmz file to
2. Extract  The results will be a file called doc.kml.  Open the file in Notepad and remove the following from the <Document> Tag:
3.  Translate the Doc.kml file with the UT

Here's an example of the edited section before and after editing:
*********(searching for xsi:schemaLocation under Edit>find to get the location can help locate the problem area)
<Document id="FiberDissolved" xsi:schemaLocation="">

Edited to this:
<Document id="FiberDissolved">

This has been filed as Bug#: http://jira/browse/MIPRO-34696

At this time, there is no specification as to when or what version a fix will be available and will be updated as Engineering corrects the problem with Safe Software.
UPDATED:  December 6, 2019