How to reprint a shipping label in SendPro

Products affected: SendPro™
Note: Labels can only be reprinted within 24 hours of the initial printing.

To reprint a shipping label that you just printed:
  1. Go to the SendPro Home screen. A confirmation of the label that you just printed displays at the top.
  2. Select Reprint This Label.
  3. Select Print.
To reprint a shipping label from the History screen:
  1. Select History Shipping & Postage History.
  2. On the Shipments tab, find your label in the list or use the search box (for details, see How to search for a shipment in SendPro).
  3. Select the shipping label.
  4. Select Reprint Label.
Note: The number of times you can reprint varies by carrier:
  • FedEx: 1 attempt
  • UPS: 1 attempt
  • Canada Post: 3 attempts
Note: If you saved a PDF of the shipping label to your computer after you initiated the first print, you can reprint the shipping label from the PDF file. This is useful if the 24 hour reprint period on SendPro has elapsed.
UPDATED:  May 12, 2020