How to use the MapBasic switch command : -server to start MapBasic silently

Products affected: MapBasic™
In the documentation for MapBasic (The User Guide) all these switches are described in the chapter on Compiling and Linking Programs From the Command Line 

If users use a text editor other than MapBasic to edit your programs, they may find it awkward switching to MapBasic whenever they want to compile or link an application. However, there is a way to automate the process of compiling and linking: if users can configure their text editor so that it issues a command string, then they can compile programs without leaving their editor. 
Users can start the MapBasic development environment by executing the command: 
If the command line also includes the parameter -D followed by one or more program names, MapBasic automatically compiles the program files. For example, the following command line launches MapBasic and compiles two program files (main and sub1): 
mapbasic -D main.mb sub1.mb 
If the command line includes the parameter -L followed by one or more project file names, MapBasic links the projects. (Linking and Project files are discussed in Compiling and Linking a Project.). For example, the following command line links the TextBox application: 
mapbasic -L tbproj.mbp 
The command line can include both the -D and the -L parameters, as shown below: 
mapbasic -D textbox.mb -L tbproj.mbp 
If users launch MapBasic with a command line that includes the -D parameter or the -L parameter, MapBasic shuts down after compiling or linking the appropriate files. 
To start MapBasic without displaying a splash screen use the -Nosplash parameter: 
mapbasic -Nosplash 

There is also another switch: -server 
This switch will start MapBasic in a “hidden” mode, as it does not display it. Its like starting MapInfo Pro as COM object. The .exe is still visible in the task manager but it just does not show as a visible app. One can start MapBasic 'hidden' to compile an .mb, link it and even execute it In Pro hidden as part of a work flow for example. The end user does not have to know that MapBasic or even Pro was involved in the process. So it can serve multiple purposes. Basically its using the MapBasic engine without its UI.
UPDATED:  October 4, 2017