How to fix a corrupt table in MapInfo Pro

A corrupted MapInfo table can possible be fixed in various ways as described below:

1. Try saving a copy of the table. Choose File>Save Copy As and give it a new name. Open the new fileand see if the error is corrected.

2. Pack the table. Choose Table>Maintenance Table Structure>Pack Table. This will compact the file
and may correct the problem.

3. Choose Table>Export and export the file to a MapInfo Interchange Format(MIF) file. Then, choose
Table>Import and re-import the table into a new table. Any invalid objects should be removed on import.

4. There may be some temporary files located in the directory where the original file is located. These
temporary files have the following extensions: *.tma, *.tin, *.tda. Rename the files to *.map, *.ind, *.dat
and replace the original files with these files. Then, try and re-open the file.

If none of these methods correct the problem, the file is probably not salvageable.
UPDATED:  April 28, 2017