Clearing FTI properties for VeriMove Access Server

Product Affected:  VeriMove
Steps to clear FTI Properties files:
  •          Make sure the application is closed (VeriMove Access)
  •          Open your file explorer (by right clicking start button)
  •          Look for a folder called LogOn Info:
​​folder should be located in C:\LogonInfo
  •          Delete these two files (leave the FTI.Properties file):
  •          Empty the files from your recycle bin
  •          Go back to the file explorer and open with file with notepad:  FTI.Properties
  •          Change the text to look like this
  •          Go back into the application and re-enter your user id/password and list ids like it was your first time
Note: The fti.logon and files are located in the C:\LogonInfo folder.
Note: Both the fti.logon and files are created when you first run the Config Utility.  If one is missing then you may have to run the utility again.
Note:  If that still does not fix the problem, ensure the User has rights to the “LogonInfo” folder 
UPDATED:  September 12, 2019