How to create a shipping label in SendPro

Products affected: Connect+® 500W, Connect+® 1000, Connect+® 2000, Connect+® 3000, SendPro™ P1000, SendPro™ P1500, SendPro™ P2000, SendPro™ P3000, SendPro™
You can create a Canada Post shipping label from the Home screen or from within the Address Book (refer to How to create a label from an address in SendPro™).

The overall process for creating and printing a label is the same for all carriers, although you will notice some variation in packaging sizes and services offered.

To create a label from the Home screen:
  1. Select the carrier from the Home screen, or from the Print menu at the top, select Canada Post Label, FedEx Label, or UPS Label. This opens the Choose a Recipient screen.
  2. If you are using Cost Accounts, select the down arrow in the Cost Account section at the top of the screen and choose a Cost Account.
  3. Enter the recipient's address using one of two methods:
    • Type the recipient's address in the fields provided. If the name or part of the name is already in the address book, it will display any matching addresses as you type.
    • Select the Choose from Address Book icon and select an address.
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Note: For Canada Post domestic shipments, if your package already has an address, you can select the Use Postal Code only box and enter the postal code to create the label without entering the address.
  1. Select whether the address is residential or commercial from the Residential/Commercial menu.
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Note: FedEx and UPS have a residential delivery surcharge. If you select Residential, SendPro will include this surcharge in the total cost. If you do not select Residential for a residential shipment, the surcharge will not be displayed in SendPro, but the carrier will still add the surcharge to your invoice. SendPro will display a notification when these charges have been added. A detailed breakdown of these charges is visible in your History.
  1. (Optional) To email the tracking number to recipients or senders when you print the label, select the Email the tracking number box and enter the email address in the field provided. To add more than one address, press the Enter key after each address.
  2. (Optional) To use a different carrier account, select the desired account from the Carrier Account menu in the upper right. Tip: To set a default carrier account (per user), go to Settings > Preferences.
  3. (Optional) To charge the transportation costs of a shipment to the recipient's or other third party's FedEx or UPS account, select Other billing options from the bottom of the Carrier Account menu. For international shipments, duties and taxes can be charged to a different account from transportation costs, if desired. If these options are not selected, all costs will be charged to the sender's account.
Note: If the cost of the postage is charged to the recipient's or third party’s account, there is no cost to the sender, so the Amount fields on the History screen will show $0.00.
  1. Select Continue.
  2. On the Choose Your Packaging screen, select the type of package and enter the package information.
  • Each carrier provides a list of carrier-specific packages (flat-rate envelopes or boxes) from which you can choose. To view the allowable dimensions and weight for these packages, position the cursor over the package type.
  • To use your own envelope or box, select My Box or Envelope and select the package type and enter the dimensions and weight.
  • If you have an attached USB scale, select the scale button and place the package on your scale. The weight will appear in the Weight fields.
  1. If you are creating an international or military shipping label, you will be prompted to enter the required customs information in the Provide Customs Details screen. You will need to identify the type of items (for example, gifts, documents, returned goods etc.) and provide detailed descriptions of all the items contained in your shipment, including where it was made, cost, weight and total value.
  2. Select Continue.
  3. On the Choose Your Service screen, select the shipping date and service, then select any additional special services. The total cost is displayed at the bottom of the screen.
Note: The total cost displayed at the bottom of the screen may vary from the cost shown for the service due to taxes, fuel surcharges, and other surcharges.
  1. Select the Print button at the bottom of the screen. This opens the Label Options screen, which allows you to define how you want to print the label. For more information, see How to print a shipping label in SendPro.
  2. If prompted to enter the Sender and Recipient's phone numbers (required for some services), enter the numbers and select Continue.
  3. The shipping label opens in PDF format in a browser window or tab, from which you can print. To return to SendPro, select the SendPro tab. The completed label will be displayed at the top of the Home screen.
For information about size and weight restrictions, visit the carrier's website:
UPDATED:  July 8, 2019