How to set up a UPS account in SendPro

Products affected: SendPro™
To set up a UPS carrier account in SendPro™:
  1. Select Settings > Shipping Carriers.
  2. If you have not yet set up a UPS account in SendPro, select the Account Setup link in the UPS section. If you have already set up a UPS account in SendPro, and wish to add another one, select the Add Account link in the UPS section. This opens the Add UPS Account screen.
  3. Enter your UPS account:
    • If you do not have a UPS account, select the Create New UPS Account button. Sign in to the UPS website. Select Shipping > Open a UPS Account, and complete the form.
    • Once you have a UPS account, select the Enter My UPS Account button in SendPro.
  4. In the UPS Account Number field, enter your 6-digit UPS account number. The account number is case-sensitive.
  5. Select the appropriate account type from the Account Type menu.
  6. The UPS Invoice Amount field should be filled in from the "amount due this period" shown on the UPS invoice.
  7. Enter your recent UPS invoice information exactly as it appears on your UPS invoice. All information is case-sensitive.
    • If you have shipped with UPS in the past 90 days, UPS will have issued you an invoice. You or your organization's account holder should be able to download a copy of your invoice from the UPS website.
  8. If you don’t have a recent invoice, select the I don’t have a recent invoice box and enter your name, address, and other account information exactly as they appear on your UPS account. All information is case-sensitive.
Note: For security reasons, the information you enter here must match your UPS account information exactly. All information is case-sensitive. You get three attempts to enter this information correctly before you are locked out of your UPS account for 24 hours. To see your UPS account information, refer to your most recent invoice or sign in to your UPS account.
  1. To continue, select the I accept the UPS Technology Agreement box.
  2. Select the Add Carrier button. You will know your UPS account has been added to SendPro when you see the message, "Settings have been saved successfully".
To make this account your default UPS account:
  1. Select Settings > Preferences.
  2. Under Default UPS Account, select the desired account.
Note: This setting can be set by each user individually.

To change the nickname of an existing carrier account:
  1. Select Settings > Shipping Carriers.
  2. Select the Manage link next to the account you wish to update.
  3. Update the Account Nickname field as needed and select Save.
UPDATED:  November 8, 2019