How to bulk-move Jobs to a new Contract in Confirm

Product Feature: Contract Evaluation
                            Non-Routine Maintenance

You have the scenario where you have recently moved to new Contract Codes and have found there are many Jobs on Confirm that are not yet completed and are of the nature that they make take some weeks or months to complete due to various issues on the street.

You would like to close down the old Contracts ASAP, but are not able to do so while Jobs are still outstanding. Is it possible, therefore, to bulk-move Jobs from being on one Contract to another? 

This is not actually be possible.
The reasoning behind not catering for any bulk changing of Jobs from one Contract to another is that the new Contract could be completely different to the old one, with different Rates and even different Price Factors.
If you don’t want to complete the work under the old Contracts you will need to cancel the existing Work and reissue it under the new Contracts.  This could be done by copying the Jobs and then adding them to Orders for the new Contracts.
There is a checkbox on the Create Payment Batch utility to create cancelling Payments that you could have a look at.  This would entail moving all the existing Jobs to a Cancelling Job Status, generating the Payment Batches and then Committing them.

UPDATED:  August 16, 2017