How to programatically create a TileSetTableInfo in MapXtreme 8.0

Products affecte: MapXtreme™
TableInfoTileServer can not be created without the use of a .TAB and .XML file.

TableInfoTileServer is not instantiable via the constructor but an instance of TableInfoTileServer can be created via TableInfo.Create() or, TableInfo.CreateFromFile().

For example:
TableInfo tableInfo = TableInfo.CreateFromFile("");
TableInfoTileServer tableInfoTileServer = tableInfo as TableInfoTileServer;
tableInfoTileServer.PreferredHandler = "leadtool.rhx";
Table table = Session.Current.Catalog.OpenTable(tableInfoTileServer);

As of now MapXtreme can only consume the TileServer Tab (TAB and XML) files created by MapInfo Pro. To implement the functionality create TableInfoTileServer without a TAB and XML file please submit this as a new Feature Request via the Ideas Portal. attached displays how to create a TAB and XML file to connect to a LevelRowColumn TileServer.

In the sample TAB file, modify the CoordSys portion for the Coordinate Systems.

In the sample XML file, modify TileServerInfo Type with "LevelRowColumn". Also modify <Url>...</Url>  in the sample XML file.
UPDATED:  December 6, 2019