Setting up a reference field in SendSuite Xpress or Ascent

Products affected: SendSuite® Xpress, Ascent™
Reference fields are used to add custom information to the daily file that you provide to the carrier. The Reference Mask is used to specify the contents of the reference field.

Note: You must ensure that the carrier adds the reference field to their manifest.

To create a reference field:
  1. Open SendSuite® Xpress Setup or Ascent™ Setup.
  2. In SendSuite Xpress, select Carriers > Custom Configuration > General.
  3. In Ascent, select Carriers > General.
  4. Select List at the top, then select the carrier for which you want to set a reference field.
  5. Select OK to confirm.
  6. Select Edit at the top.
  7. Select Reference Field Format.
  8. In the Reference Field # field, select the first available Reference Field number.
  9. In the Reference Mask field, follow the instructions on the screen to compose the contents of the reference field. For each data element you wish to include, specify the number of characters, followed by indicator for the desired component. For example, if you wanted to include the first 10 digits of the account number, you would enter 10D10 for the number of characters and D for Account component.
Reference Field Example
  1. Select OK.
UPDATED:  October 9, 2018