MapInfo Professional and how to copy a single column from a browser and paste into Excel

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
This process may be inconsistent depending on data types of the values and may vary with the version of Office.  These steps listed here have been know to work successfully.

32-bit MiPro:
  • Go to Query>sql select
  • Choose the table from the Table dropdown in the upper right
  • Remove the " * " in the select columns field at the top of the dialog
  • Select the column to be copied from the column dropdown in the upper right
  • Click OK to create the query making sure "browse selection" is checked in the lower left
  • Choose Edit>Copy or Control+C
  • In Excel, select the column header of the desired destination column to hold the copied data.   Example - Click on the "A" (Not in the actual cell under the "A") so the whole column is  highlighted.   
  • Then use Control+V or Edit>paste and click Yes or OK to any dialog.
  • The data should paste successfully into the spreadsheet.
In 64-bit MiPro from the Table tab>Sql Select and follow the same process listed above.
UPDATED:  December 3, 2019