Generating a GeoTAXkey

Products affected: GeoTAX™
To generate the correct GeoTAXkey, a cross reference file and the Special Purpose Districts (SPD) File are required.
The cross reference file can be from either Vertex or Taxware. 
In the Taxware cross reference file, (TCF), there are 2 files used: SUTSEQ (Sales and Use Tax) and TWESEQ.
The SUT file is used to generate the 9-digit GeoTAXkey.  
The Vertex cross reference file (VLG) is another cross reference file from another vendor. 
Users will need the Special Purpose Districts File (KSP) to create the boundary file SPD.TXB to determine if an address fall in a special taxing district and thus is subject to additional tax.
UPDATED:  October 22, 2018