Easy Tip: Save Mouseclicks with the Table List window

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Easy tip – Save Mouseclicks with the Table List window

Easy Tip

This article pertains to both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Once when we were at a user event some questions and suggestions came up that were along the lines of being able to click on a layer and do a select all, browse or see the table structure. The presenter asked the audience if they were aware of the Table List window and many in the audience had not heard of it.

So, if you haven’t heard of it, you are probably going to love this tip!

Using a 64 bit version?

The Table List window is integrated into the Windows Explorer.

List table

An extra tip: It is also possible to have the Table List as an independent window. To open the Table List window on its own, go to the HOME tab and in the Tool Windows gallery choose Table List.

If you right-click on a table a number of commands are available. The capabilities and commands are explained below.

Using a 32 bit version?

First, you will need to know how to bring up the table list. This can be done either with the Table > Table List menu command or with the Table List button. See the screen shot below.

Table list

The Table list will appear, and as the name suggests, it will provide you with a list of the tables that are currently open. It does a lot more than this, though.

The following screen shot provides a good overview of the various capabilities of the Table List window.

Table List 2

One of the key items to remember is that right-clicking on a Table brings up a menu with a number of useful commands in it.

We hope you find this article useful!

Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Pro" journal
When not writing articles for "The MapInfo Pro" journal, Tom enjoys talking to MapInfo Pro users at conferences and events. When not working he likes to see movies with car chases, explosions and kung-fu fighting.

UPDATED:  July 9, 2017