How to determine if the Daily Delete database file date gets written to any VeriMove report or output

Products Affected:  Verimove
The Daily Delete database file date does not get written to the Processing Summary Report or any other output from VeriMove job execution.
There is a Daily Delete database file Header record that has the date for the file downloaded.  This is a “txt” file that can be reviewed on Windows platform.
Daily Delete File:                             dailydel.dat

The actual file contains the release number the Daily Delete record was added. The best way to check is to look at the file date on the system
Daily Delete Header File:            dhdr.txt

The dhdr.txt file is a simple text file and can be opened in an editor.  The header contains the date in the 1st 8 characters structured below:
201706051293128712940000369428865d0eea 9fc5f27c 8181d83f 198fc4ac a3ca1a8d
UPDATED:  November 27, 2017