How to increase the accuracy of a MapInfo Pro™ object table

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™ 
MapInfo Pro™ uses a 64bit floating point precision in the projection engine to achieve default accuracy of <10cm, even on a global latitude / longitude projection.
In some cases, such as building plans, this is not sufficient. To increase this, explicit bounds can be defined on a per-table or in a custom coordinate string.

The CoordSys Bounds Manager tool is able to optimize CoordSys Bounds for a list of opened tables.
  •  Go to Home > Tools > Options
  •  Select Run Program or Register Tool
  •  Navigate to the tool directory of the 64-bit version and select the CoordSysBounds.MBX file
User-added image

1. In the Table CoordSys Bounds pane, you can see bounds used for each .TAB files.
The two pairs of coordinates Min X, Min Y and Max X, Max Y correspond to the map boundaries:

User-added image
The smaller the bounds are, the more accurate the layer will be.

2. It is possible to reduce bounds using the button "Optimize CoordSys Bounds". New optimized values are displayed in the Table CoordSys Bounds pane.

3. You can save new bounds with "Save Table As... with CoordSys Bounds" button.

4. To visualize new table boundaries use the "Draw outline of bounds" button (A rectangle object is added in the corresponding layer).

NOTE: It won't be possible to digitalize objects outside of the bounds. In this case datas will be truncated. Therefore the map bounds may need to be adjusted to accomodate when data is added to the table ouside of the current bounds.

UPDATED:  December 5, 2019