Resolving .dxf/.dgn file text attributes appearing as objects when using Universal Translator in MapInfo Professional®

Products affected: MapInfo Professional®, MapInfo Pro™
When converting Text Objects or Text Nodes (in Bentley Microstation) using the Universal Translator in MapInfo Professional®, these are being converted to text objects and not table attributes of a point object. This is (currently) working as designed according to SAFE Software, and would require a change to the Universal Translator. 

In order to work around this, you will need to use either FME Desktop - where you can control how the conversion is done - or obtain an FME Licence to licence the FME Universal Translator. This will then give you the option of converting the .dxf/.dgn file to a Shape file (.shp) which will convert the text to point objects with attributes, and then convert from Shape to Tab, where the points will remain as point objects.
UPDATED:  December 6, 2019