How to show or hide Shipping API postage in SendSuite Xpress

Products affected: SendSuite® Xpress
SendSuite® Xpress allows you to specify whether or not the postage amount is shown on the shipping label for Pitney Bowes Shipping API USPS shipments. Follow these steps to configure the setting:
  1. In SendSuite Xpress Processing or SendSuite Xpress Setup, go to to Setup > Peripherals.
  2. Next to the PON carrier, select the printer code in the column that requires configuration (the record should have a blue border).
User-added image
  1. Select the Label Setup button.
  2. Configure the Print Postage on Label option as desired:
    • Checked = Postage will be displayed on the label (Note: If enrolled in the PB Shipping Discount Program, postage will never show on label even if option is selected.)
    • Unchecked = Postage will not be displayed on the label
  3. Select the OK button to confirm selection.
  4. Repeat steps 4-5 for each column (Address Label, Int’l Air/Waybill, and Customs Forms) that needs to be changed.
  5. If multiple shipping stations are in use, on the Assign Printing Devices (Peripherals) screen, change Station in the upper left to the next Station number and repeat steps 2-6 for each station.
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  1. When finished, select the OK button to exit the Assign Printing Devices (Peripherals) screen.
  2. Exit SendSuite Xpress Setup.
UPDATED:  June 14, 2017