MapInfo Pro v16.0.1: More than just a patch!

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MapInfo Pro v16.0.1: More than just a patch!

64 bitMapInfo Pro v16.0.1 fixes a number of issues in the software. It also adds a number of highly requested enhancements.

This article will provide a quick overview. More details, including a list of issues that have been addressed, can be found in the Release Notes. They are available online.

How do I get a patch release for MapInfo Pro?

If you are running MapInfo Pro, in the PRO tab, in the About page click on Updates.  This will take you to the download page.

If you are not running the software, the v16.0.1 patch is also available from this link

The above is a link to an installable executable file. This is what most of our customers use.

For those of you who prefer an MSP version click here.

Layout Undo

You may be aware that MapInfo Pro v16.0 offered a preview of a new comprehensive Undo command for the Layout Designer. The Layout Undo capability is now properly added to the software.

LAYOUT tab with Undo

The Layout Undo command has these properties

  • It supports many operations in the Layout Designer window.

  • If a window is activated the legacy Undo system is used with the same capabilities as before.

  • Supports undo (or redo) for a course of multiple actions.

  • You can use the standard keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Z (for undo) and Ctrl-Y (for redo operations).

  • If you have multiple Layout windows, each maintains its own separate Layout undo "stack".

There are some actions which cannot be undone, in these cases you will be given a warning. This includes deleting a Layout Frame containing a document window (Map, Browser, etc) or a Scale bar. The Excel Information dialog box appears. Fill this out to specify the range of data to be used in the MapInfo table.

Warning on frame removal

You will also be warned if you delete a page from your Layout Designer.

For you MapBasic programmers out there, the above dialog box will not appear if you use a MapBasic statement (such as Remove Designer Frame) to remove a frame from your Layout Designer.

Additional Layout Designer Improvements

The release notes cover the following in more detail.

Changes to the behaviour for shapes (including symbols, rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipses, lines, polylines and polylines) have been made.

  • The Layout Frame Properties dialog box did not include the shape's style within the bounding rectangle for some shape geometries. It has been improved such that highlight rectangle includes the shape style.

  • Previously, the visual bounds of rectangles, rounded rectangles, and ellipses was not displaying correctly when loaded from older workspaces. This has been fixed in this release. As a result, you may notice that visual bounds display slightly larger than they did in version 16.0 or earlier for large border pen widths.

  • Two point lines now resize with the mouse in the same manner as polylines do.

  • Improvement to Pen Width - Previously when changing the width of a shape's border or its line style, the geometry of the shape would sometimes change. Now only the visual bounds of the shape changes to include the new pen width. The shape's original coordinates remain the same.

Paper Margins indicator - The Layout Designer new provides an indication of the paper margins when the grid is not being used.

Support for using the middle mouse button to pan Layout Designer windows.

Override the Coordinate Order for OGC Web services

An option is now available through the user interface to override the coordinate order for WFS, WMS or WMTS tables. This is helpful because some servers do not follow the Open Geospatial Consortium's interface standards.

Large Integer Data format

MapInfo Pro v16.0 now offers a Large Integer (8 byte) data type in tables. This has been supported in MapBasic previously but is now available as a standard data column.

Layout Tab Switching behaviour improvement

MapInfo Pro provides options to control the behavior as to when the software should automatically (or not) switch the ribbon tab that is selected.

This is found In the Backstage area (the PRO tab). Look at the Application preferences on the Options page.

Layout Tab switching

What's new about this? Previously, even if the Layout Tab Switching behaviour was set to None (as above), clicking on a Layer in Layer control would still cause a switch to the STYLE, LABEL and THEMATIC tabs. As of v16.0.1 the None setting has now been extended to avoid switching to these tabs as well. This has been a frequent request from MapInfo Pro users.

More improvements for "everyday" ease of use

We've made additional improvements to help in your day-to-day use of the software. 

User-added image

Do you have MapInfo Pro v16.0?

If not, a free trial is available.


UPDATED:  August 8, 2019