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MapInfo Pro Advanced: Frequently Asked Questions
The following are common questions asked by MapInfo Pro users about MapInfo Pro Advanced. This has been compiled after having done presentations at numerous events around the world.

What is MapInfo Pro Advanced?

MapInfo Pro Advanced is an add-on for MapInfo Pro that provides next generation raster grid visualization and analysis capabilities. These capabilities are sometimes generically referred to as Raster GIS.

Where can I learn more about raster GIS?

An article in this knowledge base titled "Get on the Grid: An Overview of Raster GIS Concepts" is available from this Knowledge Base.

Does MapInfo Pro Advanced require MapInfo Pro? Which versions?

Yes. MapInfo Pro Advanced requires MapInfo Pro to run. It requires a 64 bit version of MapInfo Pro (versions 15.2 and later).

What can MapInfo Pro Advanced be used for?

The raster grid visualization and analysis capabilities have applications in a wide variety of industries. Here is a short list:
  • Wireless engineers can use data from propagation modeling and other systems to plan and optimize a wireless network,
  • A GIS department in a local authority can use elevation data to help assess flood risk (applies to insurance companies too).
  • A marketer can create "heat maps" of customer concentrations to perform site and market analysis.
More examples are in the article mentioned above as well as other articles in this Knowledge Base.

What capabilities does MapInfo Pro Advanced have?

MapInfo Pro Advanced has a wide variety of raster grid creation, visualization and analysis capabilities. A few key capabilities are listed below:
  • Create a raster grid from point data (such as a "heat map" showing customer concentrations. This includes both interpolation and modeling methods.
  • Merge hundreds or even thousands of individual grid files into a single multi-resolution raster file.
  • Mix data of different types (imagery, continuous grid, classified grid) and different resolutions (cell sizes) in the same MRR file. This provides power, flexibility and convenience.
  • Create and use files of massive size. The size of the file is limited by your hard disk. Also, the files open very quickly and various operations such as changing the color, hill shading are nearly instantaneous.
  • Calculate slope, aspect and curvature for your grid data.
  • Create view sheds and cross sections of your elevation data.
  • Reproject, combine, convert and perform other grid processing operations.
  • Calculate data from your grids into your vector datasets. For example, add height from an elevation grid to your set of customer point locations.
  • Perform analysis using multi-spectral or hyper spectral imagery.
There is lots more. A series of articles in this Knowledge Base provides more details. A search on "Get on the Grid" should turn them up.

Can I use my grid and imagery data in MapInfo Pro Advanced?

Yes. MapInfo Pro Advanced supports a wide variety of raster formats. 

Can I share my maps and grid data produced with MapInfo Pro Advanced with MapInfo Pro users that do not have the Advanced version?

Yes. Users with MapInfo Pro Advanced can share the raster data they produce. All MapInfo Pro v15.2 users are able to open the raster data and use some of the basic tools to get information about a raster (the Raster Info, Statistics and the Cell Value tool).

Raster properties

All MapInfo Pro users will also be able to modify the coloring and shading. 

Convert files: Finally, all MapInfo Pro users will be able to convert individual grids into and from the new Multi-Resolution Raster (MRR) format. The Convert capability supports a number of other grid formats, as well.

Is MapInfo Pro Advanced a replacement for MapInfo Vertical Mapper and Engage 3D?

Yes. Vertical Mapper and the Engage 3D product lines have been retired.

Does MapInfo Discover take advantage of the new grid engine in MapInfo Pro Advanced?

Yes. A new 64 bit version of MapInfo Discover utilizes the new grid engine and Multi-resolution Raster (MRR) data format.

Is MapInfo Pro Advanced a separate install?

No. There is only one install for MapInfo Pro and MapInfo Pro Advanced. During installation it is the type of license that determines if the advanced capabilities are available. The serial number and activation code distinguishes between the standard version of MapInfo Pro and the Advanced version.

Is there a free trial for MapInfo Pro Advanced?

Yes. The free trial download for MapInfo Pro includes the Advanced capabilities (and the Premium services as well). 

I already have MapInfo Pro installed, can I try MapInfo Pro Advanced?

Yes. If you have a 64 bit version of MapInfo Pro already installed, a free trial of the Advanced capabilities can be activated at a time of your choosing. In the PRO tab, click on the Licensing page. You will see an option to activate a trial of MapInfo Pro Advanced. 

Is MapInfo Pro Advanced localized?

Yes. MapInfo Pro Advanced is localized into all the languages in which MapInfo Pro is localized.

Is there an SDK for MapInfo Pro Advanced?

Yes. There is an SDK. It is currently limited to being used for custom applications that require MapInfo Pro. There is no extra cost for the SDK. The cost is in the licenses for MapInfo Pro and MapInfo Pro Advanced. 

In addition, our MapXtreme product (a .NET developer kit) also includes raster capabilities. 

Where can I get the free trial of MapInfo Pro?

The free trial is available here:

Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Pro" journal
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