Query Ninja: Selecting objects by style

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Query Ninja: Selecting objects by style 
User-added imageThis article provides a technique to select objects that have a particular style. For example, if you have a dataset of business points of various types you could easily select all the pharmacies.

From a technical point of view, we are not going to use the SQL Select dialog box for this. (It feels a bit like cheating but this is a very quick and easy way to get results.) We'll provide a "Part 2" to this article where we go into the SQL syntax in a future issue.

This article pertains to both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of MapInfo Pro.

MapCAD is your friend

Many of you reading this may know this, but just in case, MapInfo Pro comes with a set of CAD-like drawing and editing tools called MapCAD. These tools are not run by default. You can start MapCADse from the Tool Manager.

So the first step to this is to run MapCAD if you do not have it running already. In the 64 bit interface, you will find the Tool Manager on the Home tab. In the 32 bit versions it is in the Tools menu.

MapCAD provides a very easy to use tool to select objects of a certain style.

Using the Select by Style command (64 bit version)

The Select by Style command is found in the Select gallery (on the Map tab). If you do not see this command then you need to run the MapCAD add-in (as mentioned above).

To start, select a single object from your map. The example below uses point objects but this tool works with other types of objects as well. 

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An example of selecting pharmacies from a StreetPro map. Map data is StreetPro Tunisia © TomTom BV.

Notice that it is possible to "fine tune" what is selected based on various attributes of the symbol object. For example, it is possible to select symbols of the same color, even if they have different shapes.

The Select objects by Symbol style dialog box will adapt, depending on the type of object chosen. For example, here is what the dialog looks like if a line object is selected. 

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Remember, you must start with only a single object selected.

Using the Select by Style command (32 bit version)

This capability is very similar in the 32 bit versions of MapInfo Pro. You will find the Select by Style command on the MapCAD toolbar. 

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Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Pro" journal
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UPDATED:  June 29, 2017