Easy Tip! Selecting objects below the top layer

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Easy Tip! Selecting objects below the top layer
64 bitIf you need to select objects that are not on the top layer of your map window, there is a very simple technique. It is possible to dive down through the layers in Layer Control to select objects from any desired layer.

To get started, here is a WorldInfo map zoomed in on Latin America. This map has multiple layers containing regions. In this screen shot note that a polygon from the Administrative_NAmerica layer is selected.

For our example here, let's say you wish to select some of the country boundaries. Since the administrative boundary layer is on top, clicking in the map selects those boundaries by default.

Window gallery
Map data is WorldInfo © Pitney Bowes Software. 

Selecting objects below the top layer

There is a very easy technique to select objects that are below the top layer. Simply hold down the Control (CTRL) key on the keyboard while you use the Select tool.

If you have multiple layers underneath the location of your mouse you can keep the CTRL key held down and keep clicking the mouse. You will select an object from each of the layers in turn. 

Window list window
The selection is now from the Countries_small table.

Need to select multiple objects?

Once you have selected an object from the desired layer you can use the Shift key to select additional objects. It is no longer necessary to hold down the CTRL key as you do this.

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Holding down the control key only works with the Select tool. If you wish to use one of the other select tools, first select one object from the desired layer. Then, as mentioned above, hold down the Shift key and make the desired selection. With the Shift key held down you can use the other Select tools. 

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UPDATED:  July 6, 2017