64 bit: Manage your windows with the Windows List

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Manage your windows with the Window List
User-added imageThis article will be helpful to those learning the new interface in the 64 bit versions of MapInfo Pro. It will also be helpful to those who are new to the software and learning for the first time.

For those with familiarity with the older interface, the capabilities of the Window List replaces what was the Window menu in the 32 bit versions of the software.

Getting Started: Accessing the Window List

The Windows list appears as part of the Workspace Explorer. It can also be opened as a separate window. 

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On the left, the Window list is displayed within the Workspace Explorer. The Window Gallery is also open. The Window List window can be displayed in a separate window. Map Data is StreetPro USA © TomTom BV. 

Using the Window list 

The Window list is easy to use and offers a number of capabilities that are new.  The screenshot below shows the Window list as a separate window.  The capabilities are the same when the Window list is embedded in the Explorer window. 

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Hide a window without closing it!

The check boxes (or tic boxes, if you prefer) can be used to temporarily hide a window without closing it. Hiding a window is also available from the right-click menu, as seen above.

If you no longer need the window and wish to close it, the x in the top right corner of a window closes that window in the same manner as in standard Windows applications. The right-click menu also provides a command to Close the chosen window.

Other capabilities

The top of the Workspace Explorer or the top of the Windows list has a search bar you can use to search for a particular window.
  • Right click on any window (including the Tool windows) to rename it.
  • Right click on any Map, Browser or Layout window to clone it.
  • As with all windows, the Windows list can be a floating, docked or tabbed window.
  • Activate makes the window the "front window" or in more technical terms, gives it the focus.

How do I remove the Windows list from the Workspace Explorer?

If you are displaying the Windows list as a separate window, you may wish to remove the Windows list from the Workspace Explorer. Otherwise you will have two of the same windows taking up your valuable screen space.

This is done in the Explorer options. In the Pro tab (also known as the "Backstage Area"), click on the Options tab and choose Explorer. Simply uncheck any of the sections you do not wish to use.

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Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Pro" journal 

When not writing articles for "The MapInfo Pro", Tom enjoys talking to MapInfo Pro users at conferences and events. When not working he likes to see movies with car chases, explosions and kung-fu fighting.
UPDATED:  July 1, 2017