Changing the background color of alternating rows in the MapInfo Pro Browser window.

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Easy Tip! Change the background colour of your Browser window.

ezThe Browser window in MapInfo Pro provides the option to display the rows in alternating colors. This helps to make the data easier to read. This option is turned on by default when MapInfo Professional is first installed. It is possible to turn this off or to change the secondary color being used.

For this example, a table of demographic data from the United States is displayed. The following screen shot is of State boundaries. Various demographic data statistics are included in the table.

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Hypothetical customer data.

Alternating row preference

The alternating row colour is controlled by a system preference. In MapInfo Pro 64-bit, go to
"Pro > Options > Browser Window

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The Alternating Row Colors dialog box appears...

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If a new color in selected in this dialog box, the Browser window(s) will be changed right away. One important thing to note is that this setting controls all Browser windows. It is not possible to have different background colors for different Browser windows.

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UPDATED:  November 28, 2018