Easy Tip! See quick statistics on your selections

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Easy Tip! See quick statistics on your selections!
Easy TipMapInfo Professional provides an easy to use Statistics window. This window provides a quick summary of the sum and average for the records you have selected. 

Simply make a selection and press the Show/Hide Statistics button and you will see a Statistics window appear. You can make a selection in any way. This can be using the selecting tools or through the Query > Select/SQL Select commands. The statistics window will reflect your selection.

If your table contains any numeric fields in it, you will see totals and averages for these fields. If not, you will still get a count of how many records are selected.

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The Statistics window is "live". As the selection changes the Statistics window automatically updates.

Note that the Statistics window is toggled on and off with the Statistics button. Press the Statistics button when you want the window to appear and press it again when you want it to disappear.

The Statistics Window and Workspaces

The position of the Statistics window is saved in a workspace, along with whether or not the window is currently displayed. If you save a workspace with the Statistics window showing then the Statistics window will reappear when the workspace is opened. 

If you are opening a workspace and the Statistics window is set to a position that is off of the screen of your current monitor then it will not appear. Use the Recover Off Screen Windows command (Windows menu) to restore the location of the window to the viewable area of your screen. Recover Off Screen Windows was first introduced in MapInfo Professional v11.5. Here is a link to an article that went into this topic in more detail, including how to recover an off-screen window in versions of MapInfo Professional earlier than v11.5.

Copying and pasting from the Statistics window 

It is possible to copy and paste the values from the Statistics window into other applications (such as a spreadsheet program). To do this right click in the Statistics window and choose Copy

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UPDATED:  July 7, 2017