Easy Tip: De-clutter your Info tool window and save time by making layers Unselectable

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Easy Tip: De-clutter your Info tool window and save time by making layers Unselectable
ezIn this instalment of the "Easy tips" section we will expore how to de-clutter your Info tool window by making layers unselectable.

"Unselectable" is kind of a funny word but it means exactly what it sounds like. If you make a map layer unselectable then the various selecting tools on the Main toolbar (Select, Radius Select, Boundary select, Marquee select, etc) will not apply to that Layer. This property also pertains to the Info tool and the Label tool.

User-added image
Map data is StreetPro Deutschland. ©TomTom BV. Darmstadt is the location of Pitney Bowes new office in Germany. More info on the Pitney Bowes data offerings can be found at

In the map example above, a click on Darmstadt with the Info tool yields 18 different map objects in 10 tables. Let's say that some of the base layers, such as the world layer and other major administrative boundaries, are not of interest to us. We can avoid having these appear in the Info Tool window by making the layers Unselectable.

User-added image

With the layers made unselectable, the Info tool window has fewer records appearing in it. 

Once again, the concept of a layer being unselectable also applies to the Label tool and the various selection tools. 

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Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Professional" journal 

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UPDATED:  July 7, 2017