MapInfoPro Basics Useful features in MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Pro 12.5 32bit, MapInfo Pro 15.0 32-bit, MapInfo Pro 15.2 64-bit and above
Working with the customer over the years, gave us the opportunity to know the features and capabilities which are the most useful on the product. Strongly believing in ‘Customer First’ we have incorporated all these features and made the user experience very enriching.

How can MapInfo Pro be used in various ways?
This article will show you how to use MapInfo Pro, the look of the Maps and different feature support in MapInfo Pro. At the end of the article you will know all the major features supported like the Layer Control window, SQL query, Layout designer, 3D Maps, Thematic and Printing.  
MapInfo Pro is a desktop mapping application that enables you to perform spatial operations, analyze the relational data, display the results and do business decisions.
Before getting into details, let’s define what spatial data is? Any structured or unstructured data with Spatial Component (data or information that identifies the geographic location) is a geospatial data. The geospatial data has a geographic component and contains some sort of geographic information such as states, cities, street addresses, postal codes, telephone numbers with area codes, exchange numbers or latitude and longitude etc.
MapInfo Pro helps to sort through various spatial and non-spatial information, associate the spatial component in the data and display the results on a map, which is visually more appealing and easily comprehensible.
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A typical map shows all the layers open in the left hand pane and the legend on the right hand shows the various symbols and themes used in the map
MapInfo Pro gives you the processing power of databases (including powerful SQL queries) and
the visual power of maps. It is an essential business tool for data analytics and helpful for various business function for decision making like sales, and marketing.

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The map shows a simple query to find all the hospitals in the Cook County, Chicago
A few of the capabilities of MapInfo Pro are as:
  • Legend is the gateway for any map understanding. Legend Designer window, enables a user to create and customize legends for any map layer, which explains the themes and symbols used in the map
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The Legend Designer window shows the most and the least affected areas in the San Diego area forest fire
  • The data that needs high visual impact, including grid surface themes, 3DMaps and Prism maps are suggested to use Thematic maps which provide various options of creating themes in 2 dimension and 3 dimensions
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The forest fires in San Diego area created in a 3d Map, shows the theme colors. RED color being the worst affected

Data is powerful if can be read correctly and analyzed based on the requirement with correct parameters. MapInfo Pro provides the platform to mine the data and get a business decision.
  • Querying capabilities ranging from simple data selections from a single file to complex SQL queries from one or more files
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The highlighted points of interest are the business points joined from 2 tables on postcode
  • Workspaces that save all the settings and views so it can start where it was left off
  • A comprehensive array of drawing and editing tools for customizing the maps
  • Thousands of ready-made maps and functions for creating user specific maps
  • A layout window for preparing output
  • Printing and exporting capabilities for high-quality output
  • The ability to change the projection of a map for display or digitizing
How to get started with MapInfo Pro  
Any software has its own nuances of operations. MapInfo Pro is very intuitive in nature and easy to start. This section describes that a map is the visual representation of data files where each data file displays as a layer on the map.
MapInfo Pro helps you analyze your data on a map for activities such as appraisal, tracking, conservation, forecasting, planning, surveying, demarcating or managing. You can tailor maps to your specific uses for analysis.
A map is a visual representation of data that has location. MapInfo Pro displays data on the Earth, such as country boundaries, but can also display data that is relative to itself, such as a building floor plan. Seeing data visually on a map gives you the locations of where things are, the relative importance of things through the use of symbols or colors, and the relationship between locations.
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The map shows the child population across the USA which can be further used for analysis and distribution

Data must be in the form of tables. MapInfo Pro displays data tables as layers on a map. Each table is a single layer and a map may have many layers (tables) on display. MapInfo Pro accesses data tables in a database directly or lets you import data tables to work with them directly in MapInfo Pro's native TAB format

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The map above shows the various features of MapInfo Pro:
  • The data tables displayed on the map
  • The Layer Control window on the left hand side shows all the layers that are open in MapInfo Pro
  • The Legend window on the right hand side shows the various business units and the categories present in the Brisbane area
  • The map shows the major localities on the Queensland area
  • The individual theme on the map shows the number of Business units for each category of business
  • The range theme shows how the Business points of interest are distributed across Queensland
  • The buffer ring shows the maximum Business units to be present in the radii of 5 to 10kms area
MapInfo Pro lets you create, edit, analyze, customize, and display these objects to make
maps that meet your needs. 
  • The Layout supports different layers of maps, browsers legends and scale bar in one window

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The above Layout can be used to create dashboards and outputs that provide insight for more people in the organization. They can be shared as PDFs or images
PDF Printing makes it easy to share results with more people. Printed Maps also show the attribute data and the projection of a point

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The PDF shows all the layers in the map that have been printed

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Printing the PDF in a layout can have the map, legend designer and the browser in the same PDF. The attribute data can also be seen in the left hand side

We have a lot of other tools and features in MapInfo Pro that make it very easy for people from various fields of life example a GIS expert, Business Analyst, Software Architect, Geologist or a  University students who use the product to make find various solutions. 
UPDATED:  June 30, 2017