Easy Tip! Use the Drag Map Window tool to combine Map Windows together

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Easy Tip! Use the Drag Map Window tool to combine Map Windows together

If you need to move all of the layers from one map window into another, there is a handy button to help you do this.

Let's say you have three maps, one for Belgium, one for the Netherlands and one for Luxembourg. You need all of these in a single map window. Also, consider that each individual map consists of 40 or more layers.

User-added image
MapInfo StreetPro maps © TomTom BV.

Cloning (duplicating) a Map window

For this exercise let's assume that we want a fourth map that includes all three countries. We will start by taking any one of the three maps and making a clone (copy) of the map window. Then we will add the map layers from the other two maps.

Clone the Map window with the Drag Map Window tool

There are different ways you can clone a map window. Since this is a lesson about using the Drag Map Window tool, we will start with using this tool first.

User-added image

If your MapInfo Professional session has some empty space in it, select the Drag Map Window tool and click inside a Map window, move the mouse to the empty space and let go. (In other words "drag and drop" the map window). A duplicate of the map window will be created.

User-added image
A clone (copy) of the StreetPro Belgium map has been created.

Two more ways to Clone the Map window

A map window can also be cloned with the Map > Clone View command.

It is also possible to use Copy and Paste. For this to work, you should not have any records selected. If no records are selected then inside the Edit menu you will see the command is Copy Map Window (instead ofCopy). 

If records are selected then the record data is what is copied to the Clipboard. If no records are selected then the whole map window is copied to the clip board.

Combining Map windows together

Now for the easy part! The Drag Map Window tool can also be used to simply drag and drop all of the layers from one Map window into another Map window. Just click and drag from one map window and drop (let go of the mouse) in the second Map window.

User-added image
The StreetPro Benelux map (upper left corner) now has all of the layers from the other three maps. 

Another tip! Renaming a Map window

Note that in the screen shot above, the title of the map window was changed to "StreetPro Benelux". You can easily rename any Map window by right-clicking the window title in the Layer Control dialog box.

User-added image
In Layer Control, right click on the title to rename a Map window.

Additional comments

  • You may need to make some adjustments to the layers to get the display that you want. In the example using these StreetPro maps, it was necessary to hide or turn off the layers that contain polygons of the country boundaries. These covered up some of the layers.
  • Additional Easy tip: The Windows > Tile Windows command was used to create the nice arrangement of the four windows.

Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Professional" journal

When not writing articles for "The MapInfo Professional", Tom enjoys talking to MapInfo Professional users at conferences and events. When not working he likes to see movies with car chases, explosions and kung-fu fighting.


UPDATED:  July 13, 2017