Easy Tip - A Quick Way to Select All, View Entire Layer or Make a Layer Editable

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Easy Tip - A Quick Way to Select All, View Entire Layer or Make a Layer Editable

For the Easy Tip this month we bring you another mouse click saver! This is actually three tips in one.

The right-click menu of the map window includes the ability to do a Select AllView Entire Layer and to choose a layer to be editable. All you have to do is first select an object from the desired layer you need to work with. You only need to select one object! 

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Above is the right-click menu from the Map window. In the screen shot on the left the menu commands being used in this tip are greyed out. They are only available when something is selected from one of your layers.

Those familiar with MapInfo Professional might intuitively understand what each of these three commands does. In case these concepts are new to you, below are brief descriptions. 

View Entire Selection Layer

This command will zoom the map out to display the entire contents of the layer. It is the same as the View Entire Layer command in the Map menu. The advantage here is that you may find this to be much quicker than the clicking and scrolling required in the menu command. 

You only need three or four mouse clicks! 
  • Mouse click 1 - choose the Select tool (if needed)
  • Mouse click 2 - select one object from the layer you wish to zoom out on
  • Mouse click 3 - right click in the Map window
  • Mouse click 4 - click on the command View Entire Selection Layer
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Background map data is StreetPro United Kingdom. © TomTom BV.

Select All from Selection Layer

This command selects all the records from the chosen table. As above, select one object from the desired table and then use the command. 

Note that this selects all the objects from the table, whether or not they are visible within the map window.

Make Selection Layer Editable

This is a quick way to choose which layer should be editable. If you are new to using MapInfo Professional you should learn a bit about editing tables before experimenting with this. Editing does mean what it sounds like, this is a way to make permanent changes to a table. 

And... another quick way to choose the Editable Layer

While we are on the subject ... 

Another quick way to choose which layer is editable is to pick it from the Status Bar on the bottom of the MapInfo Professional window. In case you did not know, the Status Bar not only tells you which layer is editable but also allows you to choose the editable layer! 

Article by Tom Probert, Editor of "The MapInfo Professional" journal

When not writing articles for "The MapInfo Professional", Tom is a Product Marketing Manager for Pitney Bowes Software. When not working he likes to see movies with car chases, explosions and kung-fu fighting.
UPDATED:  July 13, 2017