Using the Labels Tab

MapInfo Pro 15 and above (64-bit)

How to use the Label Gallery for fast labeling

The Labels tab provides a gallery of pre-built label settings which provide a quick way to automatically label your map. You can mouse over these options to see a preview and quickly choose the one that best fits your needs.

Label Gallery

The options in the gallery typically use a number of settings in conjunction with each other to create nice labels for your map. 

The above example is using the label gallery for when a table of regions is being labelled. There is a label gallery that provides different label styles for line layers as well. 

How does labeling works in earlier versions of MapInfo Pro

This article is taking advantage of the new user interface in the 64 bit versions of MapInfo Pro (15 and later). Many of the same label capabilities are present in earlier versions, in particular v12.0 and later. To use them,  go into Layer Control to invoke the various settings one at a time and there is no interactive preview available.

What if I can't see the labels tab

The Labels tab may not appear by default on MapInfo Pro. The LABELS tab is available on the ribbon when you highlight one or more layers in the Layers or Explorer windows (see figure above). This tab is another way to access label options that are also available from the Layer Properties dialog box. 

UPDATED:  July 8, 2017