Merge, convert, and clip grid data in MapInfo Pro Advanced

Product affected: MapInfo Pro Advanced™

Merge, convert, and clip grid data in MapInfo Pro Advanced

Here is a video tutorial that covers various raster processing capabilities in MapInfo Pro Advanced:

  • Merging many grid files into a single file
  • Converting raster grids from one format to another
  • Clipping raster grids
  • Reprojecting raster grids

What version of MapInfo Pro is needed for these capabilities?

The Convert capability is available to all users of the 64 bit versions of MapInfo Pro. The merge, clip and reproject capabilities require MapInfo Pro Advanced. An article with more details on what is in the standard version of MapInfo Pro versus the Advanced version is available from this KB

There are also lots of other articles on the raster capabilities of MapInfo Pro Advanced, including dedicated articles on the Merge and Combine capabilities.  These are all in the topic called "Get on the Grid".
UPDATED:  July 9, 2019