How to open multiple .ASC grid files efficiently using MapInfo Pro RASTER

Product Feature: Raster
Please note that it is recommended to merge all of the ASCII files into one raster as this would give much better performance and control. The detailed steps below show how to partly utilize the Merge feature to assign a known projection to the ASCII files without actually merging them.

1. Open Merge tool via RASTER > Raster Operations > Merge > browse all the ASCII filesUser-added image2. Choose the projection. This projection will be applied to all the files
User-added image
3. Once the files are listed in the Rasters to Merge section, the TAB files for each of the ASCII files should have been created with the same projection

4. After this the Merge tool can be closed and users can proceed with opening all the TAB files at once without being prompted to specify the projection each time
UPDATED:  July 11, 2017