How to rotate multiple text objects using the MapCad tool "Rotate Object (MapCad)" in MapInfo Pro

User running MapInfo Pro 16.0 64-bit has an issue where they need to move and rotate a collection of multiple map objects to align with a curved set of region objects - 3 rows of text objects need to fill the cells in the green region objects::

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The Spatial>transform> rotate objects does not work for text objects.
If the user makes the table editable and select the text objects and attempt to use the rotate handles, only a single selected text object will be rotated and not the entire collection of text objects.

There is a MapCad based tool that ships with MapInfo Pro that can do the job.

First, load the MapCad tool (home>tools>registered).
A new tool will be loaded at Spatial>transform called "Rotate Object (MapCad)" that can be used for this job.

View the help for MapCad:

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In Pro, make the text table editable and select all the text objects.
Once selected, user can left-click and drag the entire collection over the target region objects.

In this case, first try to drag the collection so that the left most text objects to the left most region cells -
Note that the left most text objects to be placed in the region cells have been dragged accordingly....
but due to the rotation of the collection of text objects, the cells to the right are not populated as desired.
The text objects must be rotated CCW.

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With the text objects selected and the table still editable, select the "rotate object (MapCad)" tool.
The cursor will change:
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The cursor changes from the default arrow to a circle with an enlarged cross-hair.

Now left-click at the location on the text objects that one wishes to rotate around.

In this case, the click was here:

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After clicking, this dialog is presented, where the degree of rotation and  direction can be set.
User can also show a preview box so one can experiment with different rotation values.:
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Click the direction "left" or "right" to see the preview box rotate - adjust degrees as needed and then click OK-

Click "left" since the text objects must be rotated CCW:
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Click OK and all of the text objects rotate, pivoting on the location where the user clicked on the text objects.
Now use the arrows keys + CTRL key to nudge the text objects in to the correct location in the cells:

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Save the edit to the table.

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UPDATED:  July 12, 2017