How to set columns of a DBMS table as Read only in MapInfo Pro

Product Affected: MapInfo Pro
Product Feature: DBMS
In MapInfo Pro, there is no direct way to make specific columns as read only.
As a workaround, the user can make the columns read-only by following the below steps:

1. Converting the column type to "Character", if a column is not a string already
2. Making the text longer by adding spaces in SQL query as MapInfo Pro do not support editing strings longer than 254 characters, thus making them read-only automatically.
This can be done by specifying a custom query using "Open DBMS Table Options" dialog as shown below.
For SQL Server, for example, the query may look like this: 
Select "Capital","Province_Name" + space(255) as "Province_Name",str("Pop_1991") + space(255) as "Pop_1991","MI_STYLE","MI_PRINX","OBJECT" From "dbo"."CAN_CAPS"
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If the user wants to display specific columns only, the "Column Filter" option can be used as shown below:
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UPDATED:  July 17, 2017