Using the Spider Graph Tool to map relationships between tables based on a designated field in MapInfo Pro

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro™
How to use the Spider Graph Tool in MapInfo Pro to map relationships between tables based on a designated field:
  • In this example there is a table of consisting of 3 Warehouses and a table of stores that are each serviced by one of the 3 Warehouses.
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Each Store table has a Warehouse field that lists the relevant Warehouse for that Store:

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The goal is to graphically depict the relationship between each store and its warehouse, including distance if needed.
The Spider Graph tool was created for this function.
1. Launch the tool (Home>Tools>
2. In the Spider Graph dialog, select the Warehouse table as the Origin, set the "Join" column to Warehouse, and for the destination table, choose Stores and set the "Join" column to Warehouse.
  • These 2 fields are how the 2 tables are to be joined.
3. Lastly, select the desired fields from both tables to include in the new table – here all fields from both tables were selected –  also selected were  “color code results” and “add line distance” (the default option) :
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4. Click on “Create Lines” to create the new line table that graphically depicts the Retail relationship between Warehouses and their respective Stores.

Here is the browser end result:

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Here is the table added to the mapper:

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UPDATED:  February 27, 2019