Installing the SendPro C, SendPro+

Products affected: SendPro® C, SendPro®+ (2H00, 8H00)
1. What's in the box.
2. Caution
  1. Do not connect the SendPro C to a power source yet.
  2. Be sure to grab the entire feeder and not just the flap.
3. Unpack SendPro C
  1. Remove all the packing materials from your machine.
4. Install the printhead and ink cartridge.
  1. Open the cover to access the ink carriage.
  2. Remove the packing tape from the ink carriage and open the guard.
  3. Unwrap the printhead and remove the protective strip.
  1. Squeeze the tabs and slide the printhead pegs into the lower set of grooves.
  2. Keep squeezing the tabs and push the printhead flush against the wall. Tabs will snap outward when placed correctly.
    ! Performing this step correctly is critical in preventing damage to the system
    . squeeze-tabs-1_500x326
  1. Unwrap the ink cartridge and make sure you remove the silver foil strip from the ink cartirdge.
  2. Install the ink cartridge and close the guard.
  3. Close the cover. install-ink-cart-close-cov_500x260
5. Connect the SendPro C/SendPro+ to a power source and continue the installation
  1. Connect your machine to a power source and turn on the power switch.
  2. Wait for the system startup.... Then tap "Get Started" on the touchscreen and continue the installation steps. If you purchased a label printer, the installation process will guide you through installing it.

During the installation you will be prompted to enter the scale location code. A list of location codes is provided with your scale.

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UPDATED:  September 23, 2019